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Reasons to Invest

Invest in a rapidly growing strategic startup consulting and development services company, providing thousands of entrepreneurs with comprehensive services, training, and development capabilities for bringing their ideas to market or accelerating their existing market penetration. 

We uniquely fill an extraordinary need for 99% of new entrepreneurial endeavors that are effectively the “outsiders”, shut out from knowledge, connections, and access to capital that the “insiders” enjoy. While venture capital, angel groups, and private equity firms focus on pouring capital into the 1% group, our “outsiders” pay us for guidance, training, development, and support while giving us an average of 30% of their soon-to-be companies.  Our model turns venture capital on its head, allowing immediate profit and long-term passive income potential.  

IdeaPros invites you to invest alongside other investors to participate in the growth of our company through the expansion of our startup advisory and consulting services that have already helped many companies grow their seed of an idea into full-fledged developed businesses.

The Problem

1% of entrepreneurs in the U.S. get a vast majority of startup capital and business advice from venture capital firms that exact a high price in management and voting control.  Entrepreneurs with access to venture capital have pre-existing connections and relationships that grant them access to this exclusive inside track to capital and advisory services. That leaves 99% of entrepreneurs shut out of the resources needed to develop an idea and launch their business.

The Solution

The Right Vision

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common – none did it alone.  For entrepreneurs with the right idea and who have what it takes, we become their partners to teach them everything they need to run their new company and help them build it the right way – on the right principles and foundations – every step of the way. From market research to positioning, launch strategy, management, engineering and development, naming and branding, all the way to sourcing and manufacturing – we literally do EVERYTHING to take our partners from concept to nationwide launch. And once they’re ready, we have the high-level connections and access to capital necessary to give them an unfair advantage and edge on their entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve assembled a high-class team across multiple disciplines to lift our entrepreneurs on their journey to new heights – many of the team are entrepreneurs themselves who have conceptualized and launched their own successful businesses.  Why go it alone?  Why not be surrounded by some of the best entrepreneurs in the country? Our new entrepreneur partners will learn exactly what it takes to be a real entrepreneur with the skills to launch and run a successful business. Our entrepreneur partners get the benefits of our vast experience. At the same time, we will build up the leader inside while we also build their amazing new products or ideas – creating the company they’ve always dreamed of.

The Right Company

IdeaPros offers all entrepreneurs access to the inside track traditionally reserved for the privileged 1%, without compromising control and large chunks of future profits.  With as little as $100k up front and 30% equity, a startup is given all the tools and access to capital they need to bring their idea to market.

The Right Idea

Our comprehensive suite of strategic business and advisory services and access to capital, all delivered through our technology suite, opens a whole world of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs stuck in a rut of owning a great idea but with little capital or guidance to move forward. This is one of the only market sectors where the vast majority of customers have been left unserved – until now.

What We Do:

Marketing Consulting

Management Consulting

Leadership Training

Product Design and Development

Custom Software Development

Capital and Funding Resources

The Right Leadership

Our founder, Fred Cary, has built billions of dollars in corporate value, taken companies public, and has over 600k+ followers on social media, 100 million video views on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and countless articles written about him internationally.  Fred appears as a guest regularly in dozens of podcasts focused on entrepreneurship, and his words have inspired thousands of people to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Other Roster

Our roster of past, current, and future launches speaks to our partners’ diversity and skillset. With over 400 entrepreneurs under our wings and nearly 100,000 applications to work with us, Ideapros is poised to level the playing field so that every spirited and determined person with a great idea has a real opportunity to be successful.  We turn dreams into reality.

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Startup Advisory Services

Why Invest

We are offering a unique opportunity to qualified individuals and family offices to invest not only in a fast growing, blue ocean company, but to bet on 400 other startups and participate in IdeaPro’s next high growth phase pre-IPO.

We’ve turned the VC model on its head – they lose money on 90% of their deals – we make money on virtually every deal we do, while preserving the same, long term passive income where Unicorns are born.

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With an infusion of capital, IdeaPro plans to expand and accelerate its existing management, marketing, and product advisory and consulting services business focused on start-ups and entrepreneurs.



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$7.5 Million


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Securities Offered

Common Stock

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1 Million


We are offering qualified investors the opportunity to participate in the next high growth chapter of IdeaPros. 

Here is a summary of our current opportunity.

Minimum Investment: $25K

Common Stock


Tremendous Upside Potential

Experienced Officers and Directors


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Common Stock Offering

$7.50 Per Share


This Reg D 506(c) Offering Is Being Made Directly To Accredited Investors

IdeaPros, Inc.

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You qualify as an Accredited Investor if you meet any of the following criteria: a) You earn over $200,000 in annual income, b) You, together with your spouse earn over $300,000 in joint annual income, c) You have a net worth, exceeding $1,000,000 (excluding the value of my primary residence), individually or together with your spouse.


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